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Track Talk » Chassis » burris or maxxis

Started by smoking75 Apr 27 2011, 18:43
Posts: 18
Apr 27 2011, 18:43
should u use the 33/22 or the pink /blues

Posts: 18
Apr 28 2011, 21:12
oh ur funnnny !!!!! but anyway the way i think about it is the people are getting these maxxis and softening them up like burris so why not just buy and use burris. and by the way i was trying to help get some talk going around

Posts: 231
Apr 28 2011, 23:42
After preping what can you get your 33 to punch?

Posts: 16
Apr 29 2011, 14:23
It depends, If your good at the prep game I would say go with the Maxxis. If the prepping thing is an after thought then I would say go with the Burris. I think the Burris tires are available in more compounds than the Maxxis. Just remember "Tires win the race" so no matter which tire you choose, keep good notes and a good stop watch close.