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Winners August 6, 2013

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Ice Race Sunday February 17th 2019
Sunday February 17th 2019 Gates open at 6am, $10 per person, 5 and under free (for non-racers only). $35 Race entry fee, $30 for a second class and $40 for combo classes. Youth classes 50-80cc, $25 per class. We will be running a split program again this year. The youth classes will be in the morning (50's, 65's, 85's & 0-90cc Mini Quad) this will make it so the kids get their races over and out of the cold. It will also make it easier on parents that are racing to have some and focus on themselves. Spectators don't worry about the cold you can set in your cars and watch an action-packed day of racing while tuning your car radio station to 101.1 FM, getting play-by-play action from our awesome announcer. There will be restrooms on site, full concessions and a few different warming fires. Come out and have some family fun at OMP by watching some spectacular Motorcycle racing on our ¼ mile oval Ice Track, with An Average of 200 racer participants per event. Weather always plays a factor with these events, so be sure to check our Facebook or web site page before heading this way.


Contact: Ryan Helvie (810)691-5781 with any questions.
2504 W. M21 Owosso, MI 48867

7-8AM Morning program Registration
8AM Youth Practice (50's, 65's, 85's & 0-90cc Mini Quad)
900 AM Youth Heats
10 AM Youth Mains
8-11AM Afternoon program Registration
11 AM Adult Practice races to follow

2019 Ice Racing Schedule
Owosso Motorsports Park (OMP) Schedule
January 6, 2019 (canceled)
January 20, 2019 (canceled)
February 3, 2019 (canceled)
February 17, 2019
Valley Trail Riders (VTR) Schedule
January 13, 2019(canceled)
January 27, 2019
February 10, 2019
February 24, 2019
2019 District 14 classes
Studded Solo Motorcycle
Morning classes
M-1 0-51cc 4-8 yrs shaft DTX Trophy
M-2 0-51cc 4-8 yrs 3 speed DTX Trophy
M-3 0-51cc 4-8 yrs chain
M-4 52-65cc 6-11 yrs Trophy
M-5 66-85cc 7-15 yrs Trophy
Q-6 Mini Quad Studded 0-90cc 6-12 YRS Trophy
After Noon Classes
M-6 86-200cc 12+ yrs Trophy
M-7 201-250cc Open 12 + YRS Trophy
M-8 251-505cc "A" Trophy+CASH
M-9 251-505cc "B" Trophy
M-10 30+40+ yrs Open Vet/Senior Trophy or 25%
M-11 Open Vintage Pre 1988* score like bikes later Trophy
M-12 Combo Pro Am 250cc up Open 16+ yrs Money 75%
Rubber Solo Motorcycle
M-13 Open "A" Trophy or 25%
M-14 Open "B" Trophy
Rubber Tire Sidecar
M-15 0-360cc Trophy
M-16 361-505cc Trophy
M-17 506cc up Open Trophy
M-18 Hack Solo Open Trophy or 25%
Q-1 Open Quad A Studded 16+ YRS Trophy
Q-2 Open Quad B Studded 16+ YRS Trophy
Q-3 Veteran Quad Studded Open 35 + YRS
Q-4 Open Studded Quad 16+ YRS Combo Money 75%
Q-5 Rubber Tire Quad (two wheel drive) Open Trophy
Q-6 Mini Quad Studded 0-90cc 6-12 YRS Trophy
Q-7 Mini Quad 50's

Posted: Feb 12, 2019
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Canceled Race 2/3/19
Sorry guys but this just isn’t going to work the water on the track in getting deeper by the hour! We are so sorry for the short notice once agin,but Mother Nature has beat us down and won,we have to cancel tomorrow’s event . Please share so everyone gets the notification!!!
Posted: Feb 2, 2019
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Canceled Race 1/20/19
Unfortunately ladies and gentlemen we are going to have to cancel Sunday, January 20 ice race. We are borderline with 6-7" of black hard ice for safe conditions and in the last 12 hours we've got 3-4inches of snow and even five inches on our pond because the snow blows into the pond area. So OMP is working hard to get all the snow cleaned off to make for good ice conditions on Sunday, February 3 rd. We sincerely apologize that we are giving such late notice,I was very optimistic that we would build enough ice by Race day. But with daytime highs the last couple days reaching nearly 30 and the snow we received today has just made things a little too questionable and made me feel a little uneasy about putting people on the ice. Sorry hope to see you at valley Trailriders next sun jan 27th.
Posted: Jan 19, 2019
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Aug 10, 2018
Clone Jr.
  1. 12 Luke Warhurst
  2. 44r Ryan Cords
  3. 273 Jerry Napier
  4. 7n Nick Nidiffer
Clone Masters
  1. 07 Brennan Osborn
  2. 11 Jason Snelenberger
  3. 15 Even Batkins
  4. 114 Sherman Napier
  5. 44 Robert Woolley
  6. 777 Alexa Ponic
  7. 99 John Butler
  8. 25x Thad Peiffer
  9. 69 Kade Heibeck
  10. 7 Thomas
Clone Purple Plate
  1. 2w Joey Williams
  2. 1 Alex Clute
Gold Plate Alc
  1. 13 Sophie Partlow
  2. 9n Dillon Nalett
  3. 13V Vanessa Groce
  1. 61 Alex Gilbert
  2. 36 Lee Diffenderfer
Purple Plate Experienced
  1. 3 Peyton Holmes
Purple Plate Novice
  1. 10 Adam Augustine
Rookie Clone
  1. 26 Haiden Beam
  2. 99n Noah Nidiffer
  3. 82 Caden Oskey
  4. 40 Addilynn Aldrich
Stock Animal Alc
  1. 9 Ryan Bauder
  2. 03 Destiny Denslow
  3. 31 Russel Bauder
  4. 18 Jessi Jaques
  5. 8 Matt Holmes
  6. 3 Todd Bauder
  7. 9x Cassandra Holmes